How to get the Meowth Balloon to battle Jessie and James in Pokémon Go

They’re blasting off at the speed of light.

Image via Niantic

Alongside the latest Team Rocket balloons appearing in Pokémon Go, there’s a new brand option that can show up at any time. Some players have encountered a rare Meowth Balloon, and upon clicking it, they have a chance to challenge Jessie and James, the dynamic duo from the Pokémon anime and television show. These two were rumored to be showing up, but now it’s confirmed you can meet and battle them in the game.

Unfortunately, for the Meowth balloon to spawn on you, it’s a random chance. There’s no direct way to make it happen. It shows up much like the other Team Rocket balloons, where they appear floating above your character, and you can interact with it. When you see a Meowth balloon and tap it, instead of the Team Rocket Grunt, Leader, or Giovanni talking to you, it’s Jessie and James.

These two will have their own set of Shadow Pokémon for you to rescue, much like the other Team Rocket members. You have a chance to rescue these shadow Pokémon, with their potential choices being the shiny variants. You can also pick up free outfits for your avatar in Pokémon Go of Jessie and James’ notable outfits from the original television show. These are available for free in the store.