How to get the Metaltooth Leaper in Hearthstone

Bombs away with this Mech Hunter card

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If you’re looking for a Metaltooth Leaper card, you have two options to acquire one. You can try your luck through purchasing a card pack, or you can craft a Metaltooth Leaper yourself.

Card packs with Metaltooth Leaper

You can buy Goblins vs. Gnomes card packs and try your luck at finding a Metaltooth Leaper inside. This is a Rare card, so be prepared to roll several times in the hopes of getting one in your purchase. The Battlegrounds, Golden, and BG Gold versions all carry the same rarity.

Crafting a Metaltooth Leaper

If you decide to make a Metaltooth Leaper, you’ll need 100 units of Arcane Dust to get the standard version of the card. You can later disenchant this card and get 20 Arcane Dust for it. The Golden Metaltooth Leaper costs 800 to craft, and destroying it will leave you with 100.

Where to use Metaltooth Leaper

Metaltooth Leaper can be paired with Mechwarper or Galvanizer inside a Mech Hunter deck. Toss this card in with other minions like Goblin Bomb, Annoy-o-Tron, and Mecharoo, and you could be looking at a victory in less than four turns.