How to get the No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

An exotic pulse rifle.

Destiny 2

Exotics are the best weapons you can use in Destiny 2. These are the weapons and armor pieces you want to use on your favorite Destiny 2 character, and there are fresh exotics for you to obtain in the Beyond Light expansion. For those looking to find out how to get the exotic pulse rifle No Time to Explain, it’s not too difficult, but there’s some length to it.

The No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle will be given to every player who completes the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign. There’s nothing difficult about getting the exotic, but it’s long, and after you complete the campaign, you’ll receive and have it in your inventory.

Once you have it in your inventory, try it out, and pair it with the new Stasis element. The pulse rifle will reload shots against enemies that have the Stasis element applied to them, so you’ll want to pair the two so fire as many shots as possible and take out hordes of enemies. We’ll be updating this page when we have access to the weapon and write more about the weapon’s actual stats.