How to get the Northsea Coat in Final Fantasy XIV

Bundle up.

There are many items and accessories you can add to your collection in Final Fantasy XIV. While they may not have the best stats on them, you can turn them into glamor pieces, giving your character the chance to wear them while also wearing their actual equipment underneath. The glamor feature grants everyone the freedom to wear anything they want. For those interested in clinging warm in cold weather, you’ll want to put on the Northsea Coat. Where’s what you have to do to get the Northsea Coat in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Northsea Coat is tied to the Main Scenario quests, specifically Endwalker. You’ll need to make sure you’ve purchased the Endwalker expansion, and you’ll need to reach the point in the game where you receive it as a quest reward. The Northsea Coat becomes available after you’ve completed the Best of the Best quest. This happens right before you and your party set out for Garlemald.

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The clothing is a full winter coat, and you’ll be able to dye it any color that you have access to with your various dye kits. The big thing will be to progress through the Endwalker story to receive the item and then equip it.