How to get the Practical Ponytails hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

Practically perfect in every way.

Image via Square Enix

Creating a unique look for your avatar is one of the most constant forms of fun in any MMO. Final Fantasy XIV is one of the few online titles that lets you collect different hairstyles over the course of the game, and periodically adds more over time. One of the more popular hairstyles to come to the game is called Practical Ponytails. Players who wish to have a large ponytail while also having swept bangs in the front will find a lot to love with the Practical Ponytails hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Practical Ponytails hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

This adorable hairstyle can be earned easily enough once you make enough progress in the Endwalker expansion. Level 90 players who have completed the story of Endwalker can unlock the Island Sanctuary and work towards a ton of new rewards over time. Players will find that this humble abode will grow if they put enough work into it. There are a multitude of ways to rank up the island, including animal husbandry, growing crops, collecting resources, and doing quests that pop up from your workers.

As you rank your island home up, you will earn currency that can be spent for items at a NPC in your Cozy Cabin called the Horrendous Hoarder. This little automaton has a variety of cosmetic rewards for the exclusive Island Sanctuary currency called Seafarer’s Cowries. The Modern Aesthetics – Practical Ponytails item is listed under the Exclusive Items category and costs 6,000 Seafarer’s Cowries. Using it after you purchase it will unlock the Practical Ponytails hairstyle for your character via the Aesthetician at any time.

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Seafarer’s Cowries are the lifeblood of ranking up your island. If you want to open up everything that there is to offer on the island, you might want to hold off on using them until you reach rank 10. If you cannot wait for the Practical Ponytails hairstyle, however, then have at it. If you don’t see an item you want just continue to rank up your Island Sanctuary to unlock new rewards, buildings to construct, and even the ability to fly.