How to get the Psychobuff Recipe in Fallout 76

Buff yourself up with some helpful chems.

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Psychobuff is what you get when you combine the powers of Psycho and Buffout. This super chemical increases your health by 65, increases your strength and endurance by 3, and increases your damage by 25% for three whole minutes. Unfortunately, this chemical can also be hard to come by and crafting it is impossible without the recipe. Here is how you get the recipe for Psychobuff in Fallout 76.

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There are multiple ways to get your hands on the Psychobuff Recipe. The way that requires the least amount of effort is to simply search mirrors across the wasteland. This is best done with the Pharma Farma perk that gives you a chance to find extra items in chem containers. One of the best areas to find mirrors is Fort Defiance. This area is filled with mirrors to search from top to bottom.

There are a few quests that can reward the recipe upon completion. Personal Matters, Earth Mover, and Duchess’s Stash quests can all reward the Psychobuff Recipe when you complete them. You can also complete daily quests and event missions throughout the Ash Heap.