How to get the Retraced Path and best God Rolls in Destiny 2

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The trace rifle family has a new member introduced in the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event in Destiny 2. Paying homage to the Focus Rifle in Halo: Reach, this trace rifle is unique as it is the first legendary trace rifle that we have seen in Destiny. Now you are no longer forced to utilize an exotic to gain the benefits that this weapon type has to offer, allowing them to get a bit more creative with your loadout. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get your hands on this weapon as well as some rolls to look out for.

How to get

Acquiring this weapon is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is play the Dares of Eternity activity and earn Treasure Keys; once you have received one, pay a visit to Xur’s Treasure Hoard and go to the chest located to Xur’s right on the platform. This chest grants event weapons at the cost of one Treasure Key. The nature of which weapon you will get is entirely up to chance, but you will be granted this legendary trace rifle with a bit of luck.

God Rolls

This weapon can roll with a few notable perks such as Subsistence, Feeding Frenzy, Disruption Break, and One For All, to name some as well as a couple of new perks like Perpetual Motion and Golden Tricorn. Below are some perk combinations that we have found viable for PvE and PvP.


  • Subsistence & One For All / Golden Tricorn

With Subsistence, this weapon essentially turns into a poor man’s Prometheus Lens, granting ammo back into the magazine after each kill. Combined with One For All, which increases damage after hitting three separate targets, this weapon is an absolute red bar slayer. The new perk Golden Tricorn is an excellent alternative granting bonus damage for final blows with this weapon further increased by grenade and melee kills of the same damage type.


  • Perpetual Motion & Harmony / Golden Tricorn

Perpetual Motion is a new perk introduced with the 30th Anniversary Event, which grants bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while in motion. Given the nature of Crucible, this perk is vital as you are always on the move during a match. Coupling this with Harmony, where final blows with other weapons improve the damage and performance of the weapon for a short duration, you can bring the hurt on nearby combatants after finishing a firefight. As mentioned above, Golden Tricorn can be a viable option depending on your playstyle.