How To Get The Rune Of Carve In WoW Classic: Season Of Discovery

Looking to expand your toolkit with the Rune of Carving? This guide will walk you through how to find the Rune of Carving in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery.


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In WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, players are encouraged to explore and discover new content and earn rewards like the new Runes, providing additional powers to your class not seen in Classic WoW before. Some of these are easier to find than others, and a few require multiple steps to find.

One of those is the Rune of Carving, a Hunter-specific Rune that adds some extra-needed AOE to their toolkit and fleshes out a melee-focused Hunter with some nice combat options.

To help you find this Rune, we’ve put together this guide with details on how to get the Rune of Carving in Season of Discovery, including the items needed, locations of NPCs, and the steps needed to earn this Rune.

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Where to Find the Rune of Carve in WoW Classic: Season Of Discovery

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Seas of Discovery’s Rune of Carve is found in each race’s starting zones and requires you to find and tame specific companion pets and hand them over to NPCs. This process requires you to find items, use them, and track down certain critter beasts in your starting zone, similar to the Glade and Prairie Crowns for the Druid Rune of Natural Potential.

Like the Rune of Flanking, this discovery varies depending on your race and the starting zone you are playing through, but the general concept and steps are the same, albeit with different items and critters to tame. This Rune will require your Hunter to be at least level ten and learn the ability to tame beasts, as you will need this skill to complete this discovery and get the Rune of Carving.

For starters, you will need to get a Musk or Pheromone item. This is required to tame your needed critter and is relatively easy to find once you know what enemies drop them. Luckily, we’ve got those details below and listed the items needed by race, what enemies drop them, and where you can find them.

RaceItem NeededEnemies That Drop ItemLocation
DwarfRabbit MuskRockjaw Skullthumper
Rockjaw Bonesnapper
Rockjaw Ambusher
Night ElfDeer MuskGnarlpine Augur
Gnarlpine Ambusher
Gnarlpine Pathfinder
Gnarlpine Defender
Gnarlpine Avenger
Gnarlpine Shaman
Orc/TrollAdder PheromonesCaptain Flat Tusk
Razormane Quillboar
Razormore Scout
Razormane Battleguard
Razormane Dustrunner
TaurenPrairie Dog MuskPalemane Skinner
Palemane Poacher
Palemane Tanner

Once you have your required item, you can use it to give yourself the appropriate effect, allowing you to use the critter needed. For my Orc Hunter, this is an Adder, so I found the Adder Pheromones from fighting Quillboars, got a small stack of three in case I messed up, and used the item to get my effect.

The effect the item grants you will only last ten minutes, so you will need to be quick to complete this task, but don’t worry; we’ve got those details, too.

Finding Your Critter

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Finding your required critter can be tedious since most are small and less prominent than other NPCs or enemies that litter your zone. However, we’ve got the details on where to find each critter needed, so you don’t need to run around for ages searching like I did.

Like the Musks and Pheromones, we have listed these critters by race and included their locations, so finding them should be quick and easy.

Night ElfDeerWoW_Classic_Deer_Location
TaurenPrairie DogWoW_Classic_Prairie_Dog_Location

Where to Take Your Critter and Earn the Rune of Carving

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Now you have your critter, what do you do with it? Well, now it is time to take it to an NPC. This will be where you earn the Rune of Carving, and with most of the hard work out the way, you’ll need to make it to your required NPC, have a free space in your bag, and get your Rune. Mine was Razzil, the snake charmer, which you can see in the image above.

Below, we have laid out all the locations for the NPCs you need to find to get the Rune, and as always, we separated it by race and included their locations and coordinates.

DwarfToby63.6, 50.2
Night ElfRelaeron39.2 9.0
Orc/TrollRazzil52.2 44.0
TaurenTakoda Sunmane46.2 60.6

Once that is done, you will have your Rune, can learn it from your backpack, and will be able to apply it to your Gloves and get a new ability for your Hunter.

Getting the Rune of Carve

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After all of this, you will have your Rune, can learn it from your backpack, and will be able to apply it to your Gloves and get a new ability for your Hunter.

The Rune of Carving will give you the Carve spell, a melee AOE ability that will make a sweeping attack in front of you and deal 50% weapon damage to all enemies caught in it. During this first phase of Season of Discovery, this is a helpful Rune for AOE damage, something Hunters are lacking in the current version of Season of Discovery.

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Along with their toolkit of Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike, and the Flanking Strike from the Rune of Flanking, this can be a good Rune for rounding out a melee-oriented Hunter build.