How to Make the Glade and Prairie Crowns in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Want to know how to make your Glade and Prairie Crowns Season of Discovery? This guide will detail how to get these items and what to do with them to earn a powerful healing druid rune.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is all about exploring and finding new and powerful runes in the world, adding new powers and abilities to your class. Some require a little more work to find than others; in this case, it’s the druid’s Rune of Natural Potential.

Rune of Natural Potential requires players to make and use a particular item to summon and defeat a boss, the Glade Crown for the Alliance and the Prairie Crown for the Horde. But how do you make these items, and where do you need to use them to get this rune? This guide details how to make the Glade and Prairie Crowns in Season of Discovery, where to use the item, and what reward awaits when you succeed.

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What are the Glade and Prairie Crowns in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery?

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The Glade and Prairie Crowns are essential items that druids will need to get the Living Seed rune power. For the Alliance, you will need the Glade Crown; for the Horde, the Prairie Crown.

These items are not found in the world but are made by the player. To make Glade and Prairie Crowns, you will need to find three of your respective flowers, depending on your race. If you are a Night Elf, you need three Glade Flowers; for the Tauren, you will need three Prairie Flowers.

Glade and Prairie flowers are located all around your starting areas, Mulgore for Horde and Teldrassil for Alliance, and you can interact with these flowers to loot them and add them to your backpack. Once you have three, go into your bag, and you can combine them and make your Glade and Prairie Crown.

What To Do With Glade And Prairie Crowns In Wow Classic: Season Of Discovery?

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Once you have made your Glade and Prairie crown, you can use it to summon an Unleashed Nature Spirit, which is the mini-boss you need to defeat to get the Rune of Natural Potential. To summon this boss, you first need to find a Wooden Effigy, which looks like grey tree creatures standing in place. These spawn in one location for each faction, and we have listed the coordinates below so you can find the exact location.

Teldrassil 66.8, 58.0
Mulgore 37.8, 49.4

Once you find this Wooden Effigy, take your crown and use it on the Wooden Effigy by selecting the Effigy and then interacting with the Glade or Prairie Crown in your backpack. This will summon the Unleashed Nature Spirit, and the fight can begin.

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Like the Wandering Swordsman, this mini-boss is an elite enemy at level 7, so it’s pretty tough for a starting area. Our advice is to party up with other players to assist you or to return later when you are at a higher level so you can deal with this enemy. That said, as a druid, you can heal and will likely have Entangling Roots at this point, so you can lock the boss into place and should be able to avoid some damage while they are immobile.

Getting the Rune of Natural Potential

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Once you defeat the Unleashed Nature Spirit, you can loot them and get the Rune of Natural Potential, a helpful rune for druids looking to take on the healer role in Season of Discovery.

This rune will place a living seed in a player critically healed by the druid for 30% of the amount healed. This will then bloom when the player affected is next attacked and will heal them for that amount. In essence, it’s a secondary heal placed on a player that can be a helpful and sometimes lifesaving boon in certain situations like dungeons.