How to get the Samurai Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077

Wake up, Samurai.

Image via CD Projekt

The Samurai jacket is the iconic jacket the main character, V, wears on the promotional trailers and content for Cyberpunk 2077. If you’ve seen an advertisement for the game, chances are you’ve seen the character wearing the jacket. You can acquire this jacket in the game, and wear it on your character. But getting to the point to wear it is not easy, so you’ll need to be a little patient.

You acquire it by working on a side quest called Chippin’ In. You’ll only be able to do start on it immediately when you start the third act of the game, so if you’re not at this point yet, you’ll need to be a little patient and progress through the main story. It’ll take you several hours, but if you go straight through the game, working on these main quests, you’ll eventually enter the third act. When you do, check your journal, and the Chippin’ In quest should already be available. To start it, head over to the afterlife and speak with Rogue.

All you have to do is progress through the quest naturally. Rogue will have you open up the trunk of a car, and the jacket will be sitting there for you. Pick it up, equip it, and you can wear it for the rest of the game. You have the chance to upgrade it, so the stats don’t degrade while you level up. After you have the jacket, you need to progress through the rest of the Chippin’ In quest.