How to get the Season of Plunder Artifact in Destiny 2

Time to plunder the stars.

Image via Bungie

The Season of Plunder has arrived in Destiny 2. In it, you will be looting your way through the solar system, leading a crew to acquire some of the richest spoils your enemies have to offer. You won’t be going alone as you take on these challenges, and you will want to make sure you grab the latest Artifact to power up your Guardian throughout the season. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Season of Plunder Artifact in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Season of Plunder Artifact in Destiny 2 – Skeleton Key

The Season of Plunder Artifact will be available as you progress through the main story events of Season of Plunder. These will begin the first time you play Destiny 2 during this season, which starts on August 23. You shouldn’t have to wait too long for the Artifact to appear. When it does at the end of the Salvage and Salvation mission, you will need to level yourself up, progress through the Seasonal Battle Pass, and gain access to many Champion and Artifact mods awaiting you. These modifications will be important to prepare for you the harder content in Destiny 2, along with preparing to take on the King’s Fall raid.

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You can find the Artifact on your Guardian’s inventory, on the bottom left. Here, you can visit and review all the upcoming Artifact modifications you can unlock as you progress through the Season of Plunder. We recommend regularly visiting this to familiarize yourself with these upgrades and find the ones that stand out for you to use against the multiple enemies you’ll be fighting against as you raid their hideouts to grab their loot.

You may want to switch up what modifications you have, and you can do this whenever you want to, granted you have enough glimmer to spend. You can do this from the Artifact page if you rework your build and find more suitable Artifact modifications.