How to get the secret tape on Mall in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Time to go for a grind.

Each of the skate courses in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 has a secret tape somewhere in the level that you need to find. Sometimes, these tapes are pretty easy to locate, but getting to them can be troublesome. The Mall has a secret tape somewhere in the rafters that you need to find, and getting to it can be difficult.

To reach the secret tape, proceed through the start of the level and make it down to the lower level. You want to go passed the large centerpiece that contains a small robot in the middle, and instead of going down to the lower area, go to the right up the ramp. If you follow the ramp, it should lead you to a lift to make it to the centerpiece. Instead, you want to reach the first area, stop, and then jump over the side. There should be two rails you can potentially grind down to make it to the other side. These are incredibly narrow.

On the other side of the two rails is the secret tape. It’s hovering right in the middle. All you need to do is grind down until you reach it, or carefully skate until you make it. A good jump should secure the tape and complete one of the park goals for the Mall.