How to get the Seven Flames Orchestrion Roll in Final Fantasy XIV

Add it to your collection.

Image via Square Enix

The Orchestrion Rolls in Final Fantasy XIV are a great flavor for the jukebox in your home. They can settle a room, adding the appropriate ambiance all of your guests can enjoy while visiting your dwelling. In patch 5.5, the Seven Flames Orchestrion Roll was added to the game, and if you’re on the hunt for it, there are a few ways to find this item.

Farm Paglth’an dungeon

The best way to obtain the Seven Flames Orchestrion Roll is to complete the Paglth’an dungeon. You’ll hear the theme throughout your run of the dungeon. You will need to be level 80, and your item level will need to at least be level 490.

The Seven Flames Orchestrion Roll drops off of the final boss, Lunar Bahamut. Essentially, you and your party need to clear the entire dungeon for a chance of obtaining this piece of music.

Purchase it from the Market Board

An alternative to completing the dungeon is to find the Seven Flames Orchestrion Roll on the market board. We’ve seen it appear on here for 64,000 as a general price. If you’re having trouble trying to get this item to drop, forcing yourself to purchase it from another player directly is a solid alternative that won’t leave you completely broke.