How to get the Shadow Price in Destiny 2

You should probably pay it.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen see’s the welcome return of the Shadow Price auto Rifle. Guardians haven’t used this weapon in some time, a remnant of Toland, who can be found haunting the Moon.

The weapon has 29 Impact and 67 Range, with a magazine size of 33 and a fire rate of 450 RPM. It also has a nice balance of stability and handling, making it quite accurate.

To get your hands on the Shadow Price, you will need to jump into the Nightfall playlist. This is pretty good news, as Nightfalls attract a lot of grinding anyway as people want to get their hands on upgrade materials.

The drops work on rotation, with three different weapons in the mix that change every week. Those weapons are as follows:

  • Shadow Price
  • Palindrome
  • The Swarm

So, if you got a Palindrome to drop, it will be two weeks before the Shadow Price appears, etc.

How hard it is to get the weapon will depend on the level of the Nightfall you run, with it becoming a Common drop at 1300 Power. Below that, it’s hard to get, so don’t put too much effort into grinding for it until you can swing the odds in your favor at the higher Power level.

Potential God Rolls

While God Rolls often boil down to personal preference and playstyle, there is still some simple maths at play, with some perks just being better than others.

For PvE, the weapon can roll with Tactical Mag, Dragonfly, and Feeding Frenzy, which means mobs are never going to be an issue. Masterwork this thing and you will be making more Orbs than the Traveler. If you really want to build your supers quickly, then go for Thresh instead.

For a more PvP oriented weapon, Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind and Swashbuckler should give you something reasonably competitive. Be under no illusions however, you will likely get badly worked over by crispy 120 Hand Cannon shots at the moment.