How to get the Shatter Earth sorcery in Elden Ring

Shatter the earth at your feet.

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Amongst the various types of spells in the game, you can find glintstone sorceries that belong to Raya Lucaria Academy. Shatter Earth is one of those spells. This sorcery allows you to thrust your staff into the ground to create a magical shockwave. You can also use a follow-up attack to create a secondary shockwave for even more damage. This spell is often seen used by the stonediggers in the glintstone mines. Here is how you can get the Shatter Earth Sorcery in Elden Ring.

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To obtain this sorcery, you will need to go to the Liurnia region. This is the region to the north of Limgrave where the large lake area is. You can reach this area in two ways; going through Stormveil Castle or taking the cliffside path to the east. If you decide to go through Stormveil Castle, you will need to contend with both Margit and Godrick so make sure you are prepared. If you are new to the game or underleveled, we suggest taking cliffside path next to the destroyed bridge to the east of the castle. This will take you to Liurnia much quicker and requires no boss fights.

Once you reach Liurnia, head to the northeastern part of the lake area. You will find a Walking Mausoleum in the area to know you are in the correct spot. Locate the mine on the cliff face along the lake. This is the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. Go inside and progress through the mine until you reach the second lift. Take the second lift down. Continue through the mine until you are in the dark room after the tunnel with the marionette soldiers. Go into the tunnel to the north below the wooden platforms. This is a dead-end but it contains the Shatter Earth spell.