How to get the SHD Cache underground near the Civic Center university in The Division 2

It’s an awkward one.

The Division 2

If you are on the hunt for SHD Caches in the new Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2, you might have run into a wall trying to get at the one that is underground near the University in the Civic Center area. We have you covered, and will show you how to get to this one. 

We have a full video showing the location above, and a full step by step with useful screenshots below.

First up, you need to get down into the underground itself. You can enter the underground through a manhole under a bridge shown at the location on the map above.

When you get there, head down the ladder and follow the tunnels the whole way through. There are only a couple of enemies to be found down there. When you reach the end, don’t go down the long tunnel, and instead head for the tunnel up. Don’t climb it, and open the door on the left side instead.

You will find some boxes to loot in the next room and another door. Through a glass panel in the door, you will be able to see a flash red light on a yellow breaker box. Shoot the breaker box to open the door.

Head inside and kill the enemies, then open the door at the far end of the room. There will be an enemy with a yellow health bar and a flamethrower that you need to take out.

Kill him, and he will drop a Utility Key. Now it’s to head back to the tunnel that goes further underground, and at the end, you will find a door that you can open with the utility key. Inside is the SHD Cache, and some more loot boxes for you to open.