Where is Minerva and what is she selling in Fallout 76 – June 16, 2022

Minerva is having a sale!

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Another week has gone by and it is time to check in on Minerva to see what she is selling. If you are unaware, Minerva is similar to Xur from Destiny 2 (with significantly fewer areas that she spawns). This merchant appears at least once a week to peddle her goods in the wastelands of Appalachia. Instead of accepting the regular currency of Caps like most of the other merchants in Fallout 76, Minerva is solely interested in your Gold Bullions.

Minerva appears in the wasteland on Monday and leaves the wasteland on Wednesday. The game updates her location at 12:00 PM ET or 9:00 AM PT. Minerva will occasionally appear on the Thursday during the week instead when she is having one of her “Big Sale” events. This happens once per month and comes with some large discounts on her stock. So where can you find her this week?

How to get Gold Bullion

If you are having trouble gathering up the Gold Bullion needed to spend at Minerva’s shop, there are a handful of ways that you can collect this important currency. For starters, you can buy Gold Bullion from Smiley at The Wayward for the price of 1,000 Caps for 50 Gold Bullion. You can get a maximum of 300 Gold Bullion from Smiley each week. You can also get 400 Gold Bullion per day by trading in your Treasury Notes that you obtain from completing daily missions for Foundation and Crater. You can also get Treasury Notes by completing event missions across the wasteland.

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Where is Minerva this week and what is she selling?

Screenshot by DoubleXP

While her location changes weekly between Foundation, Crater, and Fort Atlas, this week Minerva can be found just outside of Foundation. This is the home of the Settler faction. This week, Minerva is having one of her Big Sale events and it will run until Monday. The items she has been marked on the list below with the cost in Gold Bullion following.

  • Plan: BoS Medallion – 750
  • Plan: Brotherhood Recon Jet Pack – 1,500
  • Plan: Covert Scout Armor Chest Piece – 1,500
  • Plan: Covert Scout Armor Left Arm – 1,000
  • Plan: Covert Scout Armor Left Leg – 1,000
  • Plan: Covert Scout Armor Mask – 2,000
  • Plan: Covert Scout Armor Right Arm – 1,000
  • Plan: Covert Scout Armor Right Leg – 1,000
  • Plan: Crusader Pistol Cryo Receiver – 150
  • Plan: Crusader Pistol Fusion Receiver – 150
  • Plan: Crusader Pistol Pyro Receiver – 150
  • Plan: Emmett Mountain Disposal Signs – 750
  • Plan: Floater Flamer Grenade – 113
  • Plan: Gauss Minigun – 563
  • Plan: Gauss Pistol Hardened Reciever – 150
  • Plan: Gauss Pistol Suppressed Receiver – 113
  • Plan: Gauss Pistol Vicious Receiver – 150
  • Plan: Hello Neon Sign – 750
  • Plan: Hellstorm Missile Launcher Cryo Payload – 150
  • Plan: Hellstorm Missile Launcher Napalm Payload – 150
  • Plan: Hellstorm Missile Launcher Plasma Payload – 150
  • Plan: Medical Malpractice – 1,000
  • Plan: Open Neon Sign – 750
  • Plan: Plasma Cutter – 2,000
  • Plan: War Glaive – 2,000
  • Plan: Water Well – 563
  • Plan: Wendigo Tube – 1,500