How to get the Stracciatella Marker in Find the Markers

The Stracciatella Marker in Roblox Find the Markers is hidden in Candyland.

Finding the Secret Room of the Stracciatella Marker in Find the Markers Roblox

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Added during the WK Anniversary Update, the Stracciatella Marker is one of the eight Markers you can find in Roblox Find the Markers and tasks you to look for “an oddly colored marshmallow.” If you are familiar with the many popular flavors of Italian gelatos, you will likely recognize the name “Stracciatella” as a frozen milk treat covered with chocolate shavings. Accordingly, the Stracciatella Marker can be found in the Mainland biome where sweets and confectioneries abound, Candyland. However, there are numerous marshmallows across the candy-covered landscape, which can make finding the specific one for locating this new Medium Marker quite challenging.

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Where to find the Stracciatella Marker

Using Marshmallows to Climb a Ridge in Candyland of Find the Markers Roblox
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Fortunately, the route to Stracciatella Marker’s secret room in Roblox Find the Markers is linear and straightforward as long as you follow the correct pathway. Starting from Spawn, you must first head to the Candyland biome, which can be accessed by following the trail to the left of the Þe Olde Shope. Continue forward to the chocolate river and carefully make your way across. Remember to use the floating marshmallows as platforms; otherwise, you will fall through the map and end up back at Spawn. Go behind the Community Hangout Room and climb the stack of marshmallows to the left of the gummy-covered gingerbread house in Roblox.

Finding the oddly colored marshmallow in Candyland to find the hidden room with the Stracciatella Marker in Find the Markers
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After reaching the top of the ridge in Candyland in Roblox Find the Markers, turn left and go to the top of the archway overlooking the biome. Face in the direction of the planet Mars and drop down to the trail below. You will notice several piles of marshmallows along the path beside the Magical Fence That You Cannot Jump Over. Investigate the second-tallest marshmallow behind the second pile on the road, and you will quickly notice its color is slightly different than the others, with a slight touch of tan. Step on top of this “oddly colored marshmallow,” and you will be instantly teleported into the secret gelato chamber with the Stracciatella Marker.