How to get the Mountain House in Adopt Me

Get your own island getaway in Roblox Adopt Me with the Mountain House.

Exterior View of Mountain House in Adopt Me Roblox

Screenshot by Gamepur

While many pet owners are doubtless excited about the time-limited Frost Unicorn released during the recent Mountain House Update of Roblox Adopt Me, the flagship feature of the update is in its name — the Mountain House. Houses are where you spawn into the world and serve as the place to host Parties and invite friends over for family roleplay. However, every house is limited by its size, such as the default Tiny Home possessing only three rooms. Conversely, the Mountain House is anything but limited in its interior space, featuring a massive pocket dimension with a colossal bridge, grassy ridges, islands, and snowy mountain peaks. Here’s how you can own one yourself.

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Unlocking the Mountain House in Roblox Adopt Me

Buying the Mountain House and Inspecting its interior in Adopt Me
Screenshot by Gamepur

Whether you want to show off your status to your peers or need a bigger home for holding large Parties, you can purchase the Mountain House in Roblox Adopt Me for $3,000 in-game Cash. If you prefer to obtain this investment via Robux, you will need to spend around $25. Alternatively, using efficient strategies, you can play as a Baby with a Pet and farm thousands of Cash for several hours. In our case, we chose the freemium route and grinded money for approximately five hours by completing tasks such as camping to raise the funds.

However you choose to earn the $3,000, we can confidently say that the effort to unlock the Mountain House in Roblox Adopt Me is well worth it. To make the purchase in Roblox, use the Edit Home UI in your home or interact with your Mailbox. Next, select “Add New” and scroll down to the Mountain House. 

Standing on a Mountain Peak Overlooking the Mountain Home in Adopt Me
Screenshot by Gamepur

Based on our testing, you can freely use your vehicles and set up Roblox furniture anywhere on the multi-leveled landscapes of the Mountain House in Adopt Me. In other words, buying the Mountain House is not merely investing in a spacious residence but acquiring your own gigantic island.