How to get the Summer’s Flame Attire in Final Fantasy XIV Online

The perfect outfit for being under the sun.

The summer heat is here, and it’s settling into Final Fantasy XIV Online with the launch of The Moonfire Faire festival. In this limited-time event, you’ll be able to unlock a Polar Bear mount and participate in seasonal quests. Alongside the event is a summer sale, and one of the items you can grab is the Summer’s Flame Attire, a fitting outfit for basking in the sun and enjoying a calm beach. This guide details how to get all items in the Summer Flame’s Attire.

The entire outfit for the Summer’s Flame Attire is available through the Final Fantasy XIV Online store, where you’ll be able to purchase it using real-world currency. The outfit is made up of five different items.

  • Summer’s Flame Hat
  • Summer’s Flame Top
  • Summer’s Flame Wrist Torque
  • Summer’s Flame Pareo
  • Summer’s Flame Sandals

When you purchase the outfit, you’ll be able to wear all of these items on your character. However, the headgear for this outfit set will not appear on Hrothgar or Viera characters, unfortunately. Also, when you purchase, the Summer’s Flame attire will only go to one character. Therefore, it is not available for every character on your account.

The Summer’s Flame Attire was added during The Moonfire Faire festival for 2021 and had a sale featuring several items from previous Moonfire Faire events from August 13 to 27.