How to get the Tall Tails hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

One cute hairstyle!

Image via r/ffxiv

Let’s face it. One of the more fulfilling aspects of any MMO is making your character stand out amongst a crowd with unique features and appearances. Final Fantasy XIV takes this to a whole new level with tons of fun hairstyles, and even more to unlock as you progress through the game. For players who want to sport a single ponytail supported by adorable flicks in the front, the Tall Tails hairstyle is perfect. Here is where you can find the Tall Tails hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to purchase the Modern Aesthetics – Tall Tails hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

This cute hairstyle is actually not that hard to get if you are caught up with the Endwalker expansion. Level 90 players who have completed the story of Endwalker can unlock the Island Sanctuary feature and explore this new home away from home to their heart’s content. Diligent Island Sanctuary players can improve their island by ranking up over time. This process is done by gardening, raising beasts, gathering resources, completing work orders, constructing buildings, and completing quests.

With enough currency earned through progressing your island, you will be able to purchase items via a NPC in your Cozy Cabin called the Horrendous Hoarder. This spirited automaton will sell you a variety of cosmetic rewards for the exclusive Island Sanctuary currency called Seafarer’s Cowries. The Modern Aesthetics – Tall Tails item is listed under the Exclusive Items category and costs 6,000 Seafarer’s Cowries. Using it after you purchase it will unlock the Tall Tails hairstyle for your character via the Aesthetician at any time.

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It might take some effort to be able to purchase the hairstyle from the Hoarder’s available wares, especially because this currency is also used to upgrade your island. If you can’t purchase it then continue to rank up your Island Sanctuary to unlock new rewards, buildings to construct, and even the ability to fly.