How to get the Tech Points in Leather Lane in Watch Dogs: Legion

Tech up.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Tech Points make the world go around in Watch Dogs: Legion. Or, at the very least, they make your tech more powerful. You can find them spread out all across the city, and getting to them can be a little awkward. They are often in places that are nearly impossible for a human character to get to, so you will need to think of clever to reach them.

You can find Leather Lane in Camden town, but don’t go rushing in. The area is patrolled by some hired goons. You can make your entry through a locked chain-link gate on either side of the area, just distract the guard then open the gate and move inside. There is another guard patrolling the open garage, and you can hijack the camera in there to highlight him. Take them both out by using traps of ambushing them, then move into the garage.


In the garage on the left-hand side, you will see a small Spiderbot dispenser. Call the bot, then hack him to be able to get to the Tech Points.


Directly across the room from where the Spiderbot comes out is a stack of boxes. Climb up them with the Spiderbot then head into the vent. Follow the route all the way around to the left until you reach the end and find the Tech Points hidden away there.

Route to the vents

After you get the Tech Points, don’t just leave. Explore the area to find lots of Parcels containing Eto, including some all the way up on the roof. And be careful before you open the sliding door, as there are more goons on the other side. It is better to go up on the roof, jump across the gap, and hack the cameras to mark them, then slide down the pipe on the other side to take them out.