How to get the Tritilyte Key in Deep Rock Galactic

The key to unlocking Machine Events.

Image via Ghost Ship Games

The Tritilyte Key is an important, reusable item in Deep Rock Galactic that you’ll need to have access to Machine Events, which come with tons of rewards. Fortunately, the Deep Rock Galactic Tritilyte Key is relatively simple to unlock, although it will take some time to do so.

How to unlock the Tritilyte Key

To unlock the Tritilyte Key in Deep Rock Galactic, you need to promote a Dwarf once it has reached Level 25. You’ll want to unlock the item as soon as possible, so we’d recommend sticking with one class until you can promote it at Level 25. That’s all there is to it.

Once you own the Key you can take part in Machine Events. These random events that can occur during Missions will reward players with Experience, Credits, and upgrades such as a Matrix Core Cosmetic and/or Weapon Overclock. Simply put the Tritilyte Key into the Core Infuser and press the four buttons that appear around the structure of the main event to begin the Machine Event.

The Tritilyte Key is not to be confused with Tritilyte Deposits, but unlocking the Key does give you access to Tritilyte Crystal Events, just one of the four types of Machine Events the useful reusable item grants you access to.