How to get the umbrella for Francesca DeClaw in Cozy Grove

Keep it for a rainy day.

Image via Spry Fox

After first speaking with Francesca DeClaw, and collect five leaves for her friends the trees, you will need to get an umbrella out of yet another tree. This might seem easy at first, but there is a mild complication.

If you walk over to the tree and attempt to interact with it, you will be told that you can’t. As the tree is in an area that is black and white, you cannot harvest it, and only harvesting will make the umbrella fall out.

What you need to do is grab a lamp that you were given for completing an early quest. The Common Brick lamp should either be in your inventory, or your storage if you haven’t already placed it somewhere. If you have placed it somewhere, you can pick it up again by clicking on it.

You will need to place the Common Brick Lamp down so that it extends the light from Francesca’s area into the area with the tree, causing it to gain color. Then you will be able to harvest it and get the umbrella.

When you have it, return to Francesca and she will give you a reward for helping her friend.