How to get the Voice of the Forest in Lost Ark

Prepare to do this one a few times.

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Before you can get the Voice of the Forest from Lullaby Island, you’ll need to check off a few other tasks. First, work your way through the early parts of the island’s quest chain, until you reach the point where you’re tasked with performing “Magick Melody” in the island’s secret area. The melody in question is more commonly known as the Song of Resonance, which you will have to purchase for 16,500 Pirate Coins if you haven’t already. Next, you will need to find out when the Lullaby Island event is going to occur, which you can check on the schedule in the upper left corner of the screen.

When the event begins, (which is sometimes slightly late,) a quest should appear directing you to play your Song of Resonance to open the path to the secret area. Upon doing so, head to the back of the area, (and don’t forget to pick up those Mokoko Seeds). Shortly after arriving, your quest should update and instruct you to play your Song of Resonance again, until players in the area have performed it a total of 20 times.

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At this point, a brief cutscene should play, which will complete the event. You will also be awarded a Chest of Sleeping Songs.

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The chest contains various rewards, one of which is a Voice of the Forest. All you need to do now is claim the rewards and the Voice of the Forest will drop on the ground for you to pick up. Note that to complete the Lullaby Island quest chain and receive your Forest’s Minuet, you will have to complete this event three times to earn all the required Voices of the Forest.

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