How to get the Wake Doctor’s Outfit in Final Fantasy XIV

Here’s how to grab this limited run outfit while you can.

Image via Square Enix

We’re coming up on spooky season, which means Final Fantasy XIV seasonal events are back in full swing. All Saints’ Wake this year runs from October 19 until November 1, giving you almost two weeks to participate and score some exclusive items. There’s an emote, a housing item, and a full outfit to grab just for seeing the quest line through, which is a pretty good bounty.

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Where to start the event quest

Screenshot by Gamepur

Adventurers who want to snatch those items up need to be at least level 15, and then need to head to Gridania. As with most Gridanian seasonal events, you’ll want to head to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre to find the quest giver. He’s called the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator, and you’ll see immediately that the rewards for his A Mad Masquerade quest include the Wake Doctor’s Outfit. The items can be previewed before accepting the quest and are also dyeable. Like many other event items, these cannot be sold, so you’ll want to complete the quests while they are currently available.

Completing the quest

Image via Square Enix

The first leg of the quest will see players disguising themselves as two of four “monsters” and talking to NPC’s to frighten or enamor them. After a wrinkle in the story, the Wake Doctor will show up, and you’ll need to transform once more to aid her.

One more cutscene will see the storyline completed and will net you the same outfit. Prior instances of All Saints’ Wake have required adventuring into instanced areas, but that’s not the case this year. All a player really needs to do is go back and forth between NPCs, interacting with items and transforming in a series of enjoyable gags before you can score the outfit. There’s another questline available after A Mad Masquerade, but you can only obtain the outfit once.