How to get the Wanderer’s Campfire minion in Final Fantasy XIV

A warm companion.

Image via Square Enix

Several new minions were added to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 5.5. You’ll be able to acquire these minions by completing a handful of new achievements or by participating in the latest raid. One of the easier to acquire minions is the Wanderer’s Campfire, a small minion that you and your party members can gather around for warmth. What’s nice about the Wanderer’s Campfire is that it’s a portable campfire you can have wherever you go. This is a stationary minion, so don’t expect to see it moving around and following you.

How to craft the Wanderer’s Campfire

You can craft the Wanderer’s Campfire if you have a level 80 Alchemist. These are all of the materials you need to make it.

  • 4 Grenade Ash
  • 6 Sandteak Log
  • 4 Volcanic Tuff

You can grab grenade ash from multiple locations, such as having it drop from shrapnel at Cutter’s Cry, the Bomb Baron in Northern Thanalan, or you can gather it with a level 40 in Quarrying from Northern Thanalan. Sandteak log comes from a logging location in Amh Araeng, and you have to have level 76 in logging to acquire it. The final item, volcanic tuff, comes from a quarrying node in Kholusia, and you have to have level 76 in quarrying to access it.

The sandteak log and volcanic tuff are the hardest items to come by for this minion, but they’re not difficult to access when you reach the end of the game. Once you have the correct amounts for all three resources, you’ll be able to create the Wanderer’s Campfire minion.

Purchase the Wanderer’s Campfire from the Market Board

Another way you’ll be able to receive the Wanderer’s Campfire is to purchase it from the market board. The materials to make are not tedious grinds, so you shouldn’t expect to pay too much money for it. If you don’t have immediate access to the Alchemist job, throwing down a couple of thousand gil isn’t a bad idea for a permanent minion for your collection.