How to get the Water Slide Tester job in BitLife

It’s a rough job.

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You can have your character unlock multiple unique professions and jobs in BitLife, with many of them being extremely unorthodox. One of the more unusual choices is the Water Slide Tester, a job that requires your character to regularly test water slides before they open. It’s a good way to make sure they’re not dangerous for anyone before they become available during the summer. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Water Slide Tester job in BitLife.

Where to get the Water Slide Tester profession in BitLife

Like many of the jobs in BitLife, the Water Slide Tester job is not always available. You can only find it when your character reaches 18 years old and they can access a full-time job. This profession does not require advanced education, so you do not need to attend college or community college to unlock it.

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You’ll need to try again if you do not see the profession in the available dropdown menu for open occupations. Rather than waste a year on your character, we recommend closing down the BitLife application and opening it back up. When you bring the application back up, you can revisit the Occupation page, and there will be a new list of jobs for you to select, and your character will not have become older. There’s a good chance the Water Slide Tester will appear in this menu, but keep trying if you can’t find it.

Once your character has the job, they can keep it so long as they do not give their boss a reason to fire them and they do not go to jail. You may need this to complete specific challenges in BitLife, such as the Wet ‘N Wild challenge.