How to be born in Florida in BitLife

It’s a sunny state.

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There are several states for your character to be born in when they appear in BitLife, and Florida is one of the 50 states throughout the United States they can appear. You may need to have one of your characters live in this state for a job requirement or if you want to finish a specific challenge. Unfortunately, none of the states are listed on any locations, only the cities. Here’s what you need to know for your character to be born in Florida in BitLife.

How to have a character start in Florida in BitLife

The only way for a character to be born in Florida is if you decide what location they will live in when you start making them. You can initially make this choice when your character starts a new life. Make sure you’ve listed out that you want them to start somewhere in the United States. From there, you need to select the correct city so they can end up in Florida.

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Our best recommendation is to make sure your character picks to live in Miami. You can find this by scrolling down the available cities in BitLife. Click on Miami, and your character will start out in this state, and they likely won’t move from this location until you choose for them to move later or if their parents suddenly have to go elsewhere. More often or not, these characters do not move unless they choose to make this decision or something terrible happens.

We recommend Miami above any other because it’s a recognizable city in Florida, although it is not the state’s capital. Regardless, when your character chooses to live in Miami, they will meet any requirements of being born in this state.