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How to complete the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge in BitLife

Florida is a wild state.

Another challenge has been added to the growing list of available avenues for you to explore in BitLife, and it’s called the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge. Like many challenges before you, you’ll need to complete a handful of tasks on a single character. These challenges have multiple lifestyle requirements for your character, and meeting them can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge in BitLife.

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All Wet ‘n Wild Challenge tasks in BitLife

These are the required tasks you need to do if you want to complete the Wet ‘n Wild challenge in Bitlife.

The hardest part of this challenge will likely be the first two tasks: being born in Florida and becoming a Water Slide Tester. To make sure your character is born in Florida, make sure they are born in the city of Miami. This is a guaranteed location in Florida, and will check this box off at the start of your journey.

The next step is for your character to become a Water Slider Tester. This is a rare occupation for you to find in BitLife, which means it will take some time for you to track it down. You can find it in the the Full-Time jobs section, closer to the bottom. It will be under the Small Business occupation. There’s a good chance it won’t appear, so you may need to shut down the application and load it back up to receive a fresh series of jobs until it appears.

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The next tasks is for your character to sleep with at least 20 men. You can do this by visiting the Activities menu, and selecting for them to go on a date. There’s a good chance when this happens, your potential partner will want to spend the night with you. You will need to do this at least 20 times. On top of this, your character needs to have at least 15 children. To increase your chances of this happening, make sure you and your partner do not select to wear protection when sleeping together, but it’s not guaranteed to happen.

The last thing is for your character, after the age of 50, to party at least 20 times. You can do this when you have at least one friend. Click on their icon under the Relationships tab, and choose to party with them.

After you’ve completed these tasks, the Wet ‘N Wild Challenge is over. You will have the option to select one of four random appearance items to add to your character.

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