How to get the Wind-up Magus Sisters in Final Fantasy XIV

Here come the Magus Sisters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the addition of multiple dungeons and trials in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, there are a variety of items and collectibles that you can hunt down to add to your collection. If your enjoyed the first dungeon, Tower of Zot, and want to take the Magus Sisters with you, there’s a chance you can earn a Wind-up Magus Sisters minion. Here’s what you need to do to get this collectible.

It all boils down to completing the Tower of Zot dungeon and receiving it as a reward in the treasure coffers. There’s a chance of the Wind-up Magus Sisters minion dropping in dungeons that you complete with players and the Trust version with NPCs. Depending on how you want to farm for this minion, it’s going to vary on how you approach this dungeon. You might be able to complete it much faster with a pre-made party or one you queue with from the Duty Finder.

You may need to grind the Tower of Zot several times, or you may find yourself becoming pretty lucky and receiving it after a few attempts. The chances of it vary, and it all comes down to luck. If you receive it through a Trust dungeon, you won’t have to roll against other players, increasing your chances, but it does take longer to complete it.