How to get Thor’s cape in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Hide in the shadows using a lightning cloak.

Everything takes time and patience, and in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a task that will take you playing through the entire game will be obtaining Thor’s cape. You can find Thor’s full armor set by defeating three Daughters of Lerion to obtain his battle plate, breeches, and his gauntlets. After you’ve defeated them, you will then take the daggers you looted off them to their father’s crypt in East Anglia, and inside you will find Thor’s helmet. The final piece, Thor’s cape, takes quite a bit of time to earn.

To earn Thor’s cape, you need to complete all of the Order of the Ancients assassination targets. You can unlock this section by providing supplies and raw materials to the Hidden Ones Bureau in Ravensthorpe. It can be one of the first buildings you unlock, so you can start on it pretty early. However, obtaining and gaining all of the assassination missions requires you to go through the entire campaign.

You’ll have to gain enough of the clues regarding each target to find them. There are 30 targets. You will also need to take out all 15 zealot targets. Unlike the Order of the Ancients targets, you can find the zealots freely roaming on your map. They’re moving around and patrolling specific regions, but they have a set location where you can ambush and take them out.

Some of the Order of the Ancients targets are blocked by story progression, so make sure not to neglect to work through the story. Plus, it’s a great way to unlock additional skills and increasing your power.

Once you have all of the targets taken care of, and you’ve tracked down all of the zealots, return to Hytham at the Hidden Ones Bureau to turn them in, and he’ll reward you with Thor’s cape.