How to get through Torghast with alts in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Pull a switcheroo and plow through a few layers of the tower.

Image via Blizzard

You would think a DPS character is best suited for a run through the Torghast tower in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Of course, you might still be struggling a bit with the most recent level unlocks, wondering what you can do to continue.

If you’re considering creating another character or giving one of your existing alts a chance to shine, this is the time to pull our a tank or healer. You’ll be amazed at the difference one class change can make inside Torghast, and the results are visible as soon as you start engaging enemies.

Thanks to a different formula for damage calculation, along with the recent nerfs Blizzard has applied to the entire Torghast tower, the mobs will behave take much more damage and deal out less pain to your tank or healer. Take a look at your list of characters and see which one has been collecting dust before you choose them for Torghast.

If you’re already inside the tower but you still want to change specializations to take advantage of tank/healer scaling, speak to the brokers on Floor 3 to switch your roles. Keep this in mind as Blizzard continues to release more levels of Torghast and you finish your storylines with your chosen covenant in Shadowlands.