Chucky Confirmed as Dead by Daylight’s Next Killer

Chucky from the Child’s Play movie franchise has been confirmed as the next Killer in Dead by Daylight, launching later this month.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

After a brief teaser from developer Behaviour Interactive yesterday, it’s now been confirmed that Chucky from the Child’s Play movie franchise is the next Killer in Dead by Daylight. The character is set to hit the game at the end of the month.

Yesterday’s knife teaser for Dead by Daylight’s Chapter 30 Killer threw many fans off the scent, ourselves included. While fans discussed their dream franchise crossovers, they had no idea how close they were to guessing who was coming to the game next. Today, the Killer was officially revealed with an exclusive trailer that depicts Chucky doing what he’s best known for to a group of unlucky Survivors.

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Child’s Play’s Chucky is The Next Killer in Dead by Daylight, Entering The Fog Later This Month

Fans have been speculating about who Dead by Daylight’s next Killer could be recently because Chapter 30 is looming. As per the game’s Year 8 roadmap, a new Killer is set to enter The Fog by the end of November 2023. Today, that Killer was revealed by IGN as part of an exclusive partnership with Behaviour Interactive.

Not only has the announcement been confirmed, but there’s a new trailer showing off how brutal this Killer will be in Dead by Daylight. The most important part of the trailer is its ending when it shows that Chucky will be added to the game on November 28, 2023.

Players have been requesting Chucky as a Killer ever since The Twins were released. The Twins have an ability that separates them, allowing players to control a much shorter character who can sneak up on Survivors and pounce on them. The Chucky Doll is the perfect height to mirror how one of The Twins plays, and fans want to see how a Killer would work when fully fleshed out at that size.

According to IGN’s article on Chucky, the Killer is perfect for those who want to sneak around the map. His Slice & Dice ability allows him to launch himself at Survivors, inflicting damage as he does. When Chucky enters his human form, Charles Lee Ray can help him in spirit form by allowing the Killer to leap through windows and get under pallets easily. This will ruin any strategies Survivors rely on to keep other Killers at bay.