How to get to Peach’s Castle and find Manhole hook in toad town in Paper Mario: The Origami King

To the sewers we go.

When you arrive to Toad Town for the first time and take on your first massive Goomba, it’s a ghost town. Olivia suggests you should try to go to Peach’s Castle to find out what’s going on. Upon arriving at the entrance, you discover it’s blocked off by a downed bridge. You need to find an alternative path around it.

You want to make your way over to the building to the left of the downed bridge. A shy guy is stuck in the doorway, and when you pull him out, he’ll reward your trouble with how you need to use the sewer entrance to reach Peach’s Castle. Step inside of the house, and go to the left to the metal entrance on the ground. While standing over it, Mario will have the option to check it, but you won’t be able to lift it. You need a manhole hook to open it. The shy guy who told you about it will say another red shy guy has it, but they’re not as handsome as him, obviously.

You won’t have to go far to find the manhole hook. Go further to the left and down, and a screaming shy guy will be in the mouth of a massive Goomba. Make your way around the hedges and repair the door entrance to the building using confetti. If you need confetti, you can find flowers near the sewer entrance building and around town. Go inside the building and use your hammer on the drawer to knock the bottom cabinet open, and go outside to face the Goomba. Wait until it’s facing away from you to knock the sticker off, and then wait for it to light up to hit it three times with your hammer to free to the shy guy. Unfortunately, the manhole hook is not here. It’s at the docks.

The docks are on the other side of town, on the right side. You can make your way over there by walking, or you can go down the nearby stairs, tear off the sticker on the green pipe, and use that to get there quicker. There’s a large Goomba guarding it, and you should know the drill on how to beat it by now. Once it goes down, repair the red brick building by using confetti.

Inside of the building, go to the right side and pull out Spike for him to give you a hint about the boxes. Use your hammer on the shelves to make the boxes shake, and do it until one falls. A 1,000-fold arms symbol will appear when it does, and you can tear off the red brick wall to reveal a door. Step through to have a quick Goomba battle, and then you need to climb the shelves to grab the manhole hook. Knock the green stairs to the right side, jump on it, and make it to the other side. You can now return to the sewer to make it into Peach’s Castle.