How to get to the Ancient Sewers in Dead Cells

You know it smell crazy in there.

Image via Motion Twin

If you couldn’t get enough of the Toxic Sewers, you’ll be glad to know that a more…sewer-y sewer awaits you. The Ancient Sewers is a rougher version of the Toxic Sewers, filled with more annoying enemies and harder traps to avoid. Here’s how to get to the Ancient Sewers in Dead Cells.

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, you’ll need to acquire the Ram Rune from the Ossuary. To do this you need to find and defeat the Slasher Elite monster. On a future playthrough, take the Toxic Sewers route (Vine Rune from the Prisoners’ Quarters) and search for a rune on the ground. Ground slam that rune to gain access to the Ancient Sewers. You can also reach the Ancient Sewers later on via the Corrupted Prison or the Prison Depths, though both require the Spider Rune to access.

As mentioned, the Ancient Sewers are a more dangerous version of the Toxic Sewers. The poison water instantly poisons you, as opposed to Toxic Sewers’ water taking a few seconds to affect you. Numerous enemies plague these halls, from Kamikazes, the exploding green bats, to Disgusting Worms that leave behind explosives after they die. The tight corridors make this area very hard to dodge around in, so extra care is needed when traversing these sewers.