How to get to the Corrupted Prison in Dead Cells

The corruption runs deep.

Image via Motion Twin

Dead Cells feature multiple biomes, or areas, that players can discover during their playthroughs. Not every biome is connected, however, as some require players to go far off the beaten path to discover — and may even require power-ups that must be obtained from other biomes first. Here’s how to get to the Corrupted Prison in Dead Cells.

The Corrupted Prison can be accessed from the Toxic Sewers, but requires the Spider Rune to access. The Spider Rune can be obtained from the Slumbering Sanctuary, which requires the Ram Rune — so the Corrupted Prison is one of the last biomes you’ll be able to access. Explore the Toxic Sewers until you find a narrow pathway that you can wall jump up to reach the Corrupted Prison.

The Corrupted Prison is a very difficult area to navigate — Protectors regularly appear in the middle of groups of enemies, defending them from your attacks. Slammers, huge bird monstrosities, have a deadly combination of high DPS, health, and mobility alongside a ranged ice attack. Finally, a slime enemy called Toxic Miasmas can chase you across platforms. You should deploy freezing attacks or root attacks to immobilize these threats and take them out. You can use the Corrupted Prison to reach either the Ancient Sewers or the Ramparts.