How to get Training Debt Bonds in Warframe

Investing in yourself.

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Training Debt Bonds in Warframe are a specific type of Debt Bond that players can use to purchase items, Standing, or other things in the game. They are the rarest and hardest to get Debt Bond, so in this guide, we will show you how to get them.

In the lore, they are the cost of training for the jobs that the Corpus force the people of Fortuna to do, and are the first step of tying them down to an unsolvable debt and essential slavery.

How to get Training Debt Bonds

Debt Bonds can be earned by completing Bounties for Eudico at Fortuna. Training Debt Bonds can drop as stage rewards during the Tier 1 Bounties, which are the most difficult ones. They have the following drop chances at the different reward stages:

  • Stage 1 – 20%
  • Stage 2 – 15.49%

If the goal of a Bounty run is strictly to farm Training Debt Bonds, it is considered most efficient to leave after the second stage and repeat the Bounty.

Training Debt Bonds can also be purchased from Ticker at Fortuna. Ticker can be found on the first floor, to the left of the initial spawn point, above The Business.

Interact with Ticker, then click the Purchase Debt Bonds option. Different Debts Bonds will be displayed and they can be purchased for a set amount of Credits and resources. Players who can meet the requirements can then purchase the Training Debt Bonds directly and avoid Bounty grinds. Ticker’s available Debt Bonds will all have timers and will be replaced by new ones when those timers run out.