Madden 20 – How To Get Training Points

You want to build the best team to use in your line-up, and in Madden 20 the points matter. You can use card packs to boost your roster, but you don’t want to rely on a single method to continue to increase their performance. You’re going to want to use training points. We’re going to share what the training points do in Madden 20, and how you get them.

How To Get Training Points in Madden 20

Training points are what you’re going to use to upgrade your roster. Only select players can receive these points and even then you’re going to have to meet specific requirements to apply the upgrade.

What’s the best way to acquire these training points to improve your game? You’re going to have to play the game. A great deal of how you’re going to go about acquiring these points is by playing the game and completing challenges. You also have the chance to acquire training points by opening up Card Packs. Do you have cards you’re not planning to use? Click on them, and at the bottom of the card, you have the option to sell them to receive a set amount of points.

Overall, you need to keep your eyes on the numerous challenges you can complete while playing the game. Going to different game modes and running through the set challenges are going to get you the most points in the shortest amount of time. If you’re looking for big rewards, play the NFL Epics game mode as you’re going to receive a hefty amount of points for completing challenges in this mode. However, they are time-consuming. As long as you’re okay with that, you’re good to go.