How to get Valorplate Cores in Godfall

Fallen warriors have left behind something useful for you.

Image via Counterplay Games

You have a variety of crafting materials to hunt for in Godfall. These materials will be how you gain access to new types of armor, giving you new abilities, and enhancing your playstyle as you rush through combat. A necessary component you’ll consistently run into is the need to acquire valorplate cores. You can find them while exploring a realm, but you may also receive it as a completed mission reward.

How you valorplate cores work the same as if you were searching the other resources in the game. You want to utilize your Spirit Vision. While in this mode, you should be able to search around a region to see orange auras. These will direct you towards the location of a resource. When using your Spirit Vision, there’s no indication about what resource you’re looking at, not until you arrive at the location.

You can tell when it’s a valorplate core because of the Fallen Warrior. Any Fallen Warrior that you come across with an orange aura will have a valorplate core. You can loot off them and add them to your resource pile. These locations are usually off the beaten path of the story, hunt, and unique missions. While valorplate cores can be a reward, finding them in the world takes a bit more effort, forcing you to explore all of the hidden areas.

Make sure to stock up on as many valorplate cores as you can to expand your armory, and increase your strength as you level up in Godfall.