Borderlands 3: How To Get VIP And Shift Codes

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Borderlands 3 is nearly upon us, and that means that with the return of Pandora you’ll also be getting the return for VIP and Shift Codes. These codes will allow you to access so much brand new stuff for your game that it might explode your head like a well-placed sniper shot. There are legendary guns, funky fresh heads, skins coming out the wazoo, there’s everything your little vault hunting heart could desire, and it’s all FREE!!!

So how do you go about laying your grubby little hands on all these goodies? Well, you could do a lot worse than following this handy little guide. It’s short, it’s sweet, but it will put you in the driving seat when it comes to looking your sharpest and being at your murderous best when Borderlands 3 launches on 13th September.

Borderlands 3: How To Get VIP And Shift Codes

Borderlands 3 VIP Codes

VIP Codes

Let’s start with how you can lay your hands on some VIP gear, shall we? First off, you need to sign up to the Vault Insider Program. To do this you’ll need a SHiFT account, which isn’t such a big deal as you’ll need one for the SHiFT codes, so head over to their website and register. Once you’ve done that and gone back to the VIP page, you’ll need to register, which you should’ve figured out by now, and once you’ve done that, the real fun begins. Just by signing up you automatical earn yourself a Borderlands 3 Welcome Pack that has a highly rare grenade in it, as well as some shield mods and a nice little trinket for your weapons in Borderlands 3. From here, all you have to do to start earning even more points to splurge on whatever you heart desires are to make sure you follow them all over social media, sign up for promotional updates, and read the articles and watch the videos that they have on their site. There’s something called a hit-list on your profile that will point you in the direction that you need to go to earn as many points as you can. Pretty simple, right?

Borderlands 3 SHIFT Codes

SHiFT Codes

As I previously stated, you need a SHiFT account to sign up for the VIP codes so you should already have a way to redeem any that you get your hands on. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get either Gold Keys to open up some rare loot chests or cosmetics for you, and they’re pretty simple to find. The company will send you out codes via e-mail, and all you need to do is log into your account and bingo bango, away you go. Another way to get even more is to follow either Gearbox’s Facebook and Twitter, as well as Randy Pitchford’s account, as these guys hand out codes like Michael Jackson used to hand out candy. And that’s pretty much it, like I said in the intro, short and sweet. Just follow these two simple steps, and you’ll find yourself rolling around in so much filthy loot that you’ll need a bath that last’s about a month. Happy hunting, Vault Hunter.