How to get water in winter in Sons of the Forest

Everything is frozen.

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Sons of the Forest will make you go through different weather conditions. After you spend a week in the game, you’ll be met with winter. While this may sound fun, it isn’t. This is because things get pretty harsh during winter, and you must take extra measures to survive. One of the biggest problems you’ll face is getting water. To make things easier for you, we’ll explain how to get water in winter in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to get water during winter in Sons of the Forest

In winter, almost every body of water is frozen. This can put you in a tight spot as your character constantly gets thirsty while exploring. However, while things are difficult, there are still some ways to get water during winter.

While the lakes and other bodies of water are frozen, you can find a few streams coming from them. You might need to spend some time to find a stream, but you’ll eventually locate one. When that happens, you can go near a stream and drink water from it like you normally do; by holding the ‘E’ key.

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If you’re always exploring the map, you must ensure you have some water in your inventory. While you can’t use the Turtle Shell to make a water collector, you can use the 3D Printer to create a Flask. The 3D Printer can be found at three different spots, and each can help you craft it. If the 3D Printer is out of Resin, you can find a bottle near it. The Flask can act as a water collector, as you can go to the water stream and fill it up. You can then take it out from your inventory whenever your character gets thirsty. This way, the frozen bodies of water won’t be a big problem for you.