How to get Water Purifier plans in Fallout 76

The most necessary substance.

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There are many ways to get water in Fallout 76 but one of the best is by using a Water Purifier. You can build three types of Water Purifiers in your camp; small, standard, and industrial. Each of these produces a set number of purified water per hour of operation for you to use to quench your thirst. Water Purifiers are arguably one of the most important items to have in your camp, so it makes sense to get the plans for them early on.

How to get Water Purifier plans

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It’s not very hard to get your hands on the plans for the standard and small Water Purifiers. Both of these come from the same plan for Water Purifiers. You can get the plan very early in the game by finding a workshop and claiming it for yourself. The only real requirement for this is to have enough Caps to take the workshop. Workshops usually cost 25 Caps to take and you will automatically get the Water Purifier plan after taking your first one. These Water Purifiers will get you two or three purified water per hour. The small one is best for beginners since it can be built on the ground. The others require water to function.

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How to get Industrial Water Purifier plans

The final type of Water Purifier you can get in the game is pretty large and is labeled as industrial. This one must be placed in the water and the plan for it is a bit more difficult to obtain than the standard and small Water Purifier plan. You can get the plan for the Industrial Water Purifier after you reach level 30. Once you reach level 30, make your way to the Responders Vendor in Whitespring Resort and you can purchase the plans for the Water Purifier for around 200 Caps.