How to Get the “Which Warframe Are You” Filter on Instagram


Digital Extremes have added a filter to the official Warframe Instagram account that will help you figure out which Warframe you are. If you are struggling to pick a main, let this app look deep into your soul (or at least the shape of your face) and decide for you.

To use the filter, click on this link while using a device with Instagram installed on it, it will bring you straight to the Warframe Instagram account. If you don’t have Instagram installed on your phone, you can download it for Android from the Google Play Store, and for iPhone from the Apple Store. Install it, and then set up a profile following the on-screen instructions.

Below the Warframe profile information area, just before the pictures, you will see a small smiley face symbol. Click on it to bring up the filters, then click on the “Which Warframe Are You” filter video.

In the bottom left corner, you will see a “Try It” button. Click on this to open up the filter. You will know it is working when your front-facing camera shows your face with a small graphic above it. Hold the record button to start up the filter, which will scan your face and tell you which Warframe you resemble. For the curious people out there, mine was Garuda.

And that’s it. It is just a fun little filter from Digital Extremes, following in the footsteps of the recent “Which Pokemon Am I” filter.