How to get Zakura Starter Packs for the Japanese language launch of EVE Online

Special skins and packs available for a limited time.

Image via CCP

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EVE Online is celebrating a massive milestone with the launch of the Japanese language pack. To mark the occasion, you can purchase a unique collection for your account. Zakura Starter Packs are now available to purchase in the EVE Online store.

The Zakura Packs come in three different tiers: Lunar ($9.99), Solar ($59.99), and Galactic ($99.99). The Lunar pack contains 7 days of Omega, 10 PLEX, two ship SKINS for the Japanese launch, and Exploration Suits. The Solar and Galactic packs come with even more Omega and Plex, along with Multiple Character Training, a Standard Cerebral Accelerator in the Solar Pack, and an Expert Cerebral Accelerator for the Galactic Pack. You can only purchase one of each pack for one account, and they will be removed from the store on January 26.

You can also find the Zakura Shumyu SKIN for the Apocalypse, Golem, Kronos, Megathron, Paladin, Raven, Tempest, and Vargur ships, also available until January 26. You can buy the SKINs on their own, or as part of the Battleship Zakura and Marauder Zakura bundles, which gets you a 15% discount on each bundle.