How to go on a Hot Cheetos Diet in BitLife

The breakfast of champions.

For those looking to complete the new 420 Challenge in BitLife, it might seem a bit more difficult than you’d imagine. You have to meet a handful of requirements, the first of which is being born in a country that allows recreational marijuana. Eventually, you need to survive on a 30 plus year diet of Hot Cheetos. Where do you go to start this diet?

You won’t be able to start this diet until you’re at least 18 years old, though. Before this, those who are looking after you will plan and decide what type of diet you should have. When you’re 18, you can decide what you want your character to eat from then on, and if you’re working towards completing the 420 Challenge, you want to do this as soon as you turn 18. If you don’t, you might miss a few years and risk not being able to live that long to have a diet like that.

After you’re 18, you need to go into the Mind and Body tab of your character and go to the diet option. From here, you can choose to go strictly on Hot Cheetos, and from then on, the 420 Challenge becomes exceedingly difficult. You have to keep up this diet for 30 years in the game, and it’s going to impact your looks and body along the way negatively. Your health will take a substantial hit. To help offset it, you need to work out as many times as you can, perform meditation and go on walks, and make frequent visits to the doctor to ensure you don’t deal with a life-threatening disease that cuts your character’s life short.

The 420 Challenge inĀ BitLifeĀ is only available for a limited time. You can attempt it at any time, and if you complete it, you’ll receive a badge to show off your hard work.