How to grab weapons and use objects in combat in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

It’s not the same as previous titles, so you have to plan it out.

A recurring feature in combat for the Yakuza series is players’ ability to pick up and use items around them. For example, if there’s a bicycle or street sign nearby, players can pick those up and use those against enemies to deal even more damage. The same happens in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but because it’s a turn-based RPG, it happens only during certain instances, and players cannot go out of their way to grab these items. You have to be a bit more direct than that and be a little lucky.

To grab an object, it happens based on where your character is and the enemy’s location. If the enemy is standing near a bicycle rack or next to a sign on the side of a street, all you have to do is choose for your character to attack them. Because Yakuza: Like a Dragon features a more traditional RPG approach to combat, you won’t be able to position your characters to set up for the attack. It’ll happen naturally, and only if the enemy is standing near them when you direct your character to attack them. There is no special or skill associated with grabbing an object.

The primary character to use these items is the main character, Kasuga. Out of all the characters you can play and use in your party, Kasuga will do it most frequently.

When your character performs their basic attack, they’ll follow through with it, grab the nearby object, and attack again. Not only does the random object or weapon do additional damage to the enemy, but chances are also the attack will do more damage against them. You can expect to see these types of attacks far more often when battling in small rooms or locations with various tables and miscellaneous items.