How to hack a new outfit style in Knockout City

Unlock fancy outfit styles that suit the aesthetic.

Image via EA

Knockout City is quickly becoming a fan favorite title and has already amassed over 5,000,000 unique players across all platforms. Apart from its casual fun gameplay and catchy soundtracks, one of its major appeals is the funky cosmetics available in the game. There are a plethora of outfits that players can unlock, each bringing a unique flavor to the table. Furthermore, each outfit comes with three additional styles that players can “hack,” or unlock, to acquire.

Hacking new outfit styles

Screenshot by Gamepur

To hack a new outfit style, chose the Customize Brawler option from the main menu. Once you are there, select the Outfit option followed by the outfit you want to hack. As mentioned before, every outfit in the game comes with three additional styles. Once you have selected the preferred outfit style, use your Style Chips to unlock it. As of now, the only known method of acquiring Style Chips is by getting it as part of the Street Rank leveling up rewards.

Depending upon the rarity of the outfit, the number of Style Chips required for hacking a new style will vary. For a Common outfit, each additional style will cost 1 Style Chip, for example. But for an Epic outfit, each style will cost 4 Style Chips. Keep in mind, you can only hack new styles for owned outfits. Style Chips are a scarce resource in Knockout City, so avoid using them recklessly.