How to heal in Disciples: Liberation

Keeping all your units and characters alive is important.

Image via Frima Studio

Disciples: Liberation is a challenging strategy RPG full of challenging fights and formidable enemies. There may be times where you find yourself low on health, both in combat and out of it. When this happens, there are a couple of ways to get your party back to fighting shape. Here’s how to restore health in Disciples: Liberation.

Healing Outside of Combat

The damage your party retains during a fight doesn’t heal after it concludes. If you didn’t manage to heal in the middle of combat, you need to head back to your castle or find a Health Fountain. Health Fountains are water fountains with a green glow and running water found throughout each map. Approaching one and activating it with the Confirm button will restore your party’s health.

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Healing During Combat

One way to heal your units and characters is by using Action Points. If you don’t spend the points to attack, cast a spell, or move on the hexagonal grid, you can heal by ending your turn. By selecting End Turn, a unit will heal up to 25% of their health per unused action point. This is a quick way to heal hurt characters who may not last much longer in a fight.

You can also use healing spells to restore health to party members. Avyanna has access to multiple healing spells and can learn more as she discovers blueprints. Soloniel’s Mist is the first healing spell she knows. It allows her to heal 25% of an ally’s maximum HP and grants them Regen that also heals them over three turns. She can also learn the Mass Heal spell, which is a much more powerful healing spell.

You may also find hexagons with a green glow on them. These will heal the first unit that steps on them during a fight, even enemies.

Keep an eye on all of your units during a fight to ensure they don’t get too low on HP. Battles can be difficult, and losing even one ally can quickly change the outcome.