How to heal in Immortals Fenyx Rising

An apple a day…

Immortals Fenyx Rising

There is a lot of combat in Immortals Fenyx Rising. As you explore the game’s various zones you will end up fighting all manner of creatures and monsters that are intent on doing you harm. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to heal yourself as well.

The first, and most obvious one, is that the game has an auto-heal. When you take damage during a fight you will build health back up once the fight is over, but only to the nearest quarter of your overall health bar. If you are reduced to 70 percent of your health, you will only heal back up to 75 percent, and so on.


You can find potions as you loot chests that can be found all over the game. These will give you some instant healing, and will also give you a set amount of healing over time after you drink them. To use a healing potion, just tap the left button on the D-Pad.

Over the course of the game, you can upgrade your potions at the Cauldron of Circe, making them more effective. You will need to gather up specific resources through the game to be able to purchase these upgrades.


As you explore the world you will find Pomegranates sitting in bowls scattered around the area. These are a secondary source of healing, after potions. To use one during combat you can hold the left button on the D-Pad, and you will eat one, giving you some healing.


Some abilities and skills will give you healing when you damage enemies, or some armor pieces and items might allow you to do the same. This is not much of a concern in the early game, but pay close attention to skill descriptions, and item detaisl as you find them.